www.uppladdning.nu is a free internet service that helps EV drivers find charging stations.
It contains database with information about the charging stations, mapping service, mobile apps, and downloadable fils for usage in-car GPS unit.

To see statistical data for number of charging sites please klick here .

Nikolay Shishkov, Founder

Nikolay Shishkov has been driving electric cars since 2007. He found uppladdning.nu so he can easily map charging points and get better range for his EV.
Nikolay has long experience in the software development industry and has drawn from that experience to create sustainable services for other EV drivers.
He is member of the board of the Swedish national electric vehicle society – ElbilSverige and is the driving force of several EV related projects.
Nikolay is the creator of Think EV Monitor, or as they call it in Norway - “nikometer”.

Nikolay lives in Malmö och drives Toyota RAV4 EV and the Norwegian Think EV.

He can be reached at ns@uppladdning.nu or +46 706 910386.

Tommy Engkvist

Tommy Engkvist started driving EV at 1991 and he has been driving one since. During all these years he has accumulated lots of experience and knowledge about where and how one can charge an EV.This knowledge and experience formed www.uppladdning.nu what it is today - an excellent source of information about charging stations in Sweden and the Nordic region.

Tommy has initiated many notable projects related to EVs and charging infrastructure.
One example of his work is the initiative and the project that resulted in establishing of charging points on several Mc.Donalds restaurants in Sweden.

Tommy lives in Huddinge outside Stockholm. During 1991-1992 he converted a VW Golf model 1982 to electric and drove it untill 2001 when he bought Peugeot Partner EV. He drove it in 17 years until the forward beam of the car rusted so badly it was not driveable. Note that it was not the batteries that gave up. His latest vehicle is Citroen Berlingo Electric model 2014.

Tommy can be reached at info@solkraft.se or +46 708 454500